For the documents in the Archive, you can set which users have access to the standard documents in the grey folders (top shelf in the Archive).

One of the following default security levels can be set for non-financial documents::

  • Everyone
  • All users
  • All employees
  • Management
  • Private.


The users you select here are also the only ones who can access the coloured folders (bottom shelf in the Archive).

After setting a security level, the documents are still accessible to a user with the 'Back Office' role in the domain but no longer visible to all other users without access. 

If the security level is set to Private, only the owner has access to these documents.. 

All configured settings such as the archive settings, among others, are grouped and categorised in one place in your domain.

Open the settings of your domain by clicking the Settings icon on the navigation bar and then click Archive settings in the screen now opened.


The archive settings can also be opened by moving your mouse above the Archive icon on the navigation bar and then clicking File cabinet. Click the Archive settings button in the screen now opened.

The following screen is opened:

From the drop-down menu, select the desired default security level for non-financial documents.

Click the Save button.