Web service access code (Web service API key / WebserviceAccessKey)

Modified on Thu, 24 Nov 2022 at 02:53 PM

The WebServiceAccessKey (web service API key) is used to give web service access on portal, domain or administration level.

Only an user with the 'Portal administrator' or 'Management' role can set the access rights to web services by means of a web service API key.

In Yuki these access rights can be granted at three different levels:

  • in the portal (only an user with the 'Portal administrator' role via 'Settings')
  • in the domain (only an user with the 'Portal administrator' or 'Management' role)
  • in the administration (only an user with the 'Portal administrator' or 'Management' role).

A web service contains one or more methods for the exchange of information with applications/services of external parties. Just think of financial data, submitting data of sales invoices and access and/or upload to the Yuki archive.

You can grant access rights to the following web services:

  • Financial:
    • Accounting web service:
      • Retrieve financial reports
      • Create general journal entries
    • AccountingInfo web service:
      • Retrieve information about GL accounts and transactions
  • Archive  (Archive web service):
    • Retrieve and submit documents
    • Access (via app) to the archive.
  • Sales (Sales web service):
    • Create sales invoices (UBL)
  • Workflow (Upload web service)
    • Upload of files from own application
  • Petty cash (PettyCash web service):
    • Import cash transactions
  • UBL
    • Export UBL invoices
  • Contacts (read-only) (Contact web service):
    • Retrieve contact details
  • Contacts (Contact web service):
    • Create or update contact
  • Domains (Domains web service):
    • Create active or trial domains by accoutants
    • Retrieve and create users in a domain.
    • Check specifiic back office roles of portal users in domain
    • Update specific back office roles of portal users in domain.
  • Projects (Projects web service):
    • Create projects (dossiers)
    • Update existing projects (dossiers).
  • Back office (Back office web service):
    • Check of outstanding questions for back office in administration
    • Retrieve back office workflow of administration.
  • VAT (VAT web service):
    • Retrieve statuses of VAT returns submitted in Yuki (from AdminPulse).

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