All countries are present in Yuki but not all are activated. This means you don't have to scroll through a whole long list of countries when you want to select one. This way, when recording a purchase invoice, you only have to choose from the active countries you use. If the company does business with a country that is not activated you can adjust this.

Only an user with a 'Back office' role in the domain or the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can activate countries.

All configured settings such as the settings of the countries, among others, are grouped and categorised in one place in your domain. 

Open the setttings of your domain by clicking the Settings icon on the navigation bar and then Countries in the screen now opened.

The following screen is opened:

The countries above are activated by default after creating a domain.

To activate a country, select All instead of 'Active' in the right-hand drop-down menu and search for the relevant country. Next to the country, tick the Active checkbox. Then click the Save button to save all changes.

The country is now added to the list of active countries.