Yuki checks your administration on a monthly basis. Your bank will be looked at, among other things. All irregularities are placed in the 'Completeness of bank' report by Yuki.

Only a user with the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accontant' role can handle the bank completeness report.

You can view this report by opening the PO Box and then clicking Bank under Needs attention.

The completeness of bank report may contain three notifications:

  • Unknown opening balance: the balance of a bank account at the beginning of the financial year is not known to Yuki, as a result the closing balance is not correct
  • Missing bank transactions: there are missing bank transactions in the total of bank transactions we received from you (missing statement or incomplete export)
  • Bank accounts not up to date: you have not submitted new bank transactions (at least 1 month) for some time.

For a detailed description of the 'Completeness of bank' report, see article Completeness of bank.