Suspense accounts

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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

A suspense account is an account on which a transaction is temporarily posted that must always be followed by a contra entry. At the end of the financial year, the balance on all suspense accounts (23...) must be zero.

From this overview, a user with a 'Back office' role in the domain can:

  • match (link) the transactions on the suspense account.

If necessary, click on the Back office icon in the navigation bar. 

Subsequently, in the now-opened screen, click on Suspense accounts under Checklist.

The following screen is opened: 

This overview provides a complete overview of all outstanding transactions on the following suspense accounts:

  • Internal transfers of funds 
  • Suspense account debit card payments 
  • Suspense account credit card payments
  • Suspense account iDEAL payments
  • Suspense account online payments.
  • Suspense accounts of self-created payment methods.


If you have created online payment methods for paying your sales invoices, the corresponding suspense accounts automatically created by Yuki will be added to this overview.

For a detailed description, see article Create payment methods.

Match (link) transactions on suspense account

Click on > in front of the relevant suspense account to match the outstanding transactions with the expected transactions (contra entry).  

The following screen is opened:

After selecting the first transaction, the Select the whole list box appears, this allows you to select all transactions at once to link them.

On the top right of your screen, you will also see the balance of the amount yet to be matched with the selected transaction.

After selecting one or more transactions to be matched, click on the Link button. At the top right, you will see that the balance of the amount is fully matched.

If a residual balance remains after matching, Yuki gives you the choice of linking only or linking where the balance is debited to bank costs, payment differences or exchange differences.

If you choose to link only, the remaining balance will remain in the overview of transactions to be linked.

To open a list of historical transfers, click on the History button. The following screen is opened:

By clicking on > in front of the linked transactions, you can view them, disconnect them again or still write-off the remaining balance.

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