Software release

  • Kolom 'Bedrijf' toegevoegd aan overzicht van projecten

De kolom 'Bedrijf' is aan het overzicht van projecten toegevoegd zodat direct duidelijk is in welke administratie het project is aangemaakt.

Opgeloste bugs

  • Depreciation amount calculated in Leapyear is not taken correctly in the next year
    The calculation of the leap year was not taken into account of the depreciations in the following years. The calculation of the leap years will now start in 2024. (tag LeapYearInDepreciations_)
  • FinReports - Intermediate report - Printable (pdf through pdf button) doesn't shown full name
    The administration name is now added at the bottom of the pdf report. The full name is visible. If the name is still too long, the administration name will not be cut off, but the user will see '...' .
  • Impossible to download PDF in domains
    It was impossible to download the PDF export of all transactions in domains
  • Attention bank shows attention points, when there aren't any after clicking through
    BO >> Attention > Bank showed inconsistencies related to a Company which had been deleted by the user.
  • Can't send an invoice or quotation with pdf and Excel file as attachment
    Occasionally, combining PDF and Excel documents as attachments to a Yuki sales invoice resulted in an error when processing the invoice. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Address list can't select letters Z and all
    In the contact page users can now again click on the Z and All button.
  • Auto-allocation does no longer work in domains with only 1 company (projects)
    Auto-allocation for the Projects module now works again for domains which have only 1 company (administration).
  • When a administration is created by the entrepreneur it gets assigned an incorrect accountant
    In the domain section, the overview of all your administrations now shows correctly the name of the accountant the administration is connected to, instead of just 'Accountant'. This was not the case when an entrepreneur had created administration.
  • Defaults payment method "Refund" misses the possibility to enter a bank account
    As an accountant when booking a SalesInvoice and selecting the PaymentMethod Refund, it is now possible to select a bankaccount. As an accountant setting the Defaults for a Contact when selecting Refund as PaymentMethod it is now possible to select a bankaccount. In both cases the bank account will be copied to the PaymentList and there will be no more work for the entrepreneur to fill in the bankaccount manually.
  • Projects present only the ones of the chosen company and add column company to the list.
    Added column 'Companies' to the Projects overview of the Projects module. This enables a faster allocation of a project when a user wants to do this in the booking screen in a domain with multiple administrations
  • Opening balance for assets/liabilities GL account (FinTransactionList) in the project module is wrong
    Opening balance for assets/liabilities GL accounts (FinTransactionList) in the project module is now correct again. It now shows only the opening (and ending) amount applicable to the actual project instead of the full amount for the GL account.
  • PettyCash: paid by bancontact in wrong column
    2 used transaction types (debit card/credit card) in manually done cash statement bookings where not reflected correctly in the matching screens. They were incorrectly indicating 'received from' and 'deposited' whereas it should be the opposite.
  • NMBRS - Wage declaration PDF by Yuki incorrect
    The payroll tax PDF showed the base values instead of the actual to pay amounts. This did not have any financial effect, but just a visually one.
  • Using replication link to get in central with the right company doesn't work anymore with the new navigation
    Fix replication links and passing query parameters in general to yukicentral
  • Menu overflow not correct when size is compact
    Fix overflow menu for compact size. When the menu density is "compact" the left menu unnecessarily showed the overflow button, even if it had vertical space.
  • During the intermediate/ combined import the smart matching doesn't start and stays on pending
  • Error in XAF file created by Yuki 
    Solved a Yuki-generated XAF file error by removing a space in tag <obSubledgers/>
  • OSS same VAT% different country doesn't check the country
    When sending a sales invoice through the API, an error was returned because it didn't take the country of the customer into account when determining the VAT code. This error has been resolved
  • Mollie transactions not being imported
    Mollie import 'duplicates' not imported - solved.