Software release

  • Waarschuwingsmelding wanneer een memoriaalboeking niet in balans is

Er verschijnt een waarschuwingsmelding wanneer de te boeken memoriaalboeking niet in balans is.

  • Afhandeling salaristaken voor accountant aangepast

Salaristaken met aandachtspunten voor de accountant worden i.p.v. dagelijks nu één keer per week aangemaakt. Na een maand zullen deze taken automatisch op afgehandeld worden gezet zodat de takenlijst voor de accountant overzichtelijk blijft.

Opgeloste bugs

  • Mollie .json file - partnercommissions are not getting imported correctly in Yuki
    Generically and from now on, Mollie imports will also import [{"description":"Partnercommissie".
  • OSS Declaration - amounts in foreign currencies not represented in EUR
    OSS declaration: sales invoices in foreign currencies with an OSS VAT code; will now be shown in the OSS overview report in EUR instead of in the foreign currency, because this is legally mandatory.
  • Processed transactions doesn't show correct year
    Processed transactions shows now the correct date in both the calendar as the title
  • Cannot create a user in a Minimal domain in BP:OSS
    When a domain had invoicing method BP:OSS and a minimal bundle, the accountant couldn't create the first user in the domain
  • Invoice payment link (Mollie) gives wrong amount with Foreign currency
    The invoice payment link Mollie showed an incorrect amount when the invoice is created with foreign currency. If the Yuki sales invoice is created using foreign currency, the Mollie link will now display the same currency and invoice amount as the invoice.
  • Action menu does not open in FinMatch.aspx for certain bank transactions
    The action menu in FinMatch.aspx will now show for all bank transactions if the users clicks on the actions button.
  • Incomplete purchase files (payments without invoices) is missing out on the icon "show possible actions""
    sent incomplete purchase list now has action pencil at relevant items, just as in the incomplete sales list.
  • When processing a sales invoice where the country code is set to the UK users should not be able to proces the invoice with VAT code 19 or 20
    Show banner when users selects vat type 19 - 20 that informs them that the selected vat type are not allowed for UK contacts.
  • EU VAT number EU528002406
    Invoices for companies that are located outside the EU with an EU VAT number can now be processed with VAT type 6.
  • As an accountant, I would like to be able to see a clear error message when trying to export empty GL accounts so that I know it's not a Yuki issue.
    When trying to export an empty GL account to PDF, a clear error message is now given.
  • Hide option "Payment discount (%)" on default values for sales invoices and Yuki sales invoices
    Removed fields [Payment discount] in Defaults for sales invoices