'Trial balance check' feature

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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

Only a user with the 'Portal back office controller' or 'Back office controller' role in the domain or the 'External accountant' role in the domain can check all (used) GL accounts one by one from the Trial balance.

This 'Check status' is only available when one administration is chosen and not the current financial year. Also the check columns are only shown when an administration is blocked.


An administration can only be blocked when all VAT returns and payroll tax assessments are present in the administration. All VAT returns must have been set to the 'Historical' or 'Closed' (sent to and confirmed by the tax authorities) status. The VAT supplement may still have the 'Draft' status.

An administration can only be closed when the VAT supplement has also been set to the 'Historical' or 'Closed' status.

The check consists of the following steps:

  • Block the administration
  • Check the GL accounts:
    • Add comments / mark as checked
    • Link attachments
    • Check status
    • View history.
  • Close the administration.

Block administration

In order to check the GL accounts the administration will have to be blocked. Select the financial year (or another period) that has to be checked by using the date selection. A button with a padlock will be shown. Click this button in order to block the administration. The selected financial year is blocked.

Check GL accounts

As soon as an administration is blocked four additional columns will be shown:

Add comments / mark as checked

Click the speech bubble icon in order to add a comment in a separate screen. The GL account can also be marked as checked. 

The following screen is opened:

Add a comment in this screen and click the Mark as checked button. The following screen is opened:

By clicking the Remove check mark button the comment can still always be deleted.

Behind the GL account that is checked the relevant columns will now be adjusted. 

Link attachments

Click the document icon in order to link the attachment(s) to a GL account. Here for example documents about a loan or Statement of assets can be linked.

The following screen is opened:

Click the Link button and select the document that you want to link as an attachment in the archive of your administration. 

The document icon is orange when one or more attachments are linked to the GL account.

Check status

In the third column you can see whether a GL account is marked as checked or not. 

When you hover your mouse over this column a pop-up will be shown containing the name of the user that has marked the GL account as checked, the date and time of this check and the balance of the GL account.

View history

Click the clock icon in order to view the history of comments that have been added before. 

The following screen is opened:

Comments of previous years will also be shown.

Close administration

The administration can be closed as soon as all GL accounts are checked. You can do this by clicking the padlock again. 

No user can make changes anymore in the closed financial year of the administration.

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