All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

In Yuki submitted documents will be processed automatically as much as possible. Besides scanned documents, also PDF, Office files and UBL/XML invoices can be processed automatically.

The automatic document processing takes place during the socalled Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) process. This process can classify, index, process and validate documents. This intelligence provides the basis for YUKI RA i.e. YUKI Robotic Accounting.

When one or more of the following fields of an invoice is not recognised by the IDR, this will be a trigger to forward the document to the Maximum recognition:

  • Contact
  • Document date / Invoice date
  • Reference / Invoice number
  • Amount
  • VAT amount.

Maximum recognition is only available when a user with the role 'Portal Administrator' has activated it for the domain in which the documents are processed.

The details of the automatic processing data of a document can be viewed by clicking IDR details in the upper right of a processed document.

Only an user with the 'Portal administrator' or 'Portal back office' role can view the IDR details.

The following screen is opened:

The IDR details contain five tabs:

  • Details
  • XML
  • OCR
  • Enrichment (only available if Maximum recognition is activated for the domain)
  • Log.

'Details' tab

This tab shows data on the:

  • status of the job
  • classification and default values of the document
  • indexation of the fields in the document
  • automatic processing of the document.


The status of a job that consists of the recognition and processing of a document by the IDR and/or Maximum Recognition.

Classification and default values

Classification is the accurate recognition of the document type that has been submitted. The document type can be, for example, a purchase invoice, bank statement, pay slip, etc.

In addition, the result of the centrally (portal) and locally (domain) created processing rules that are applicable on the invoice is shown of the document type 'Purchase invoice'. 


The indexing of a document consists of the dissection of a document and the recognition of specific fields in a document. This might include for example the recognition of a total amount from an invoice or the contact details of a supplier of an invoice.

The Recognition column shows the values in the fields as recognised by the IDR.

The Enrichment column displays the values in the fields as recognised or enriched by Maximum Recognition.

The Actual Value column reflects the values in the fields at the time the invoice is handled automatically by Yuki or manually by the back office.


There is a red square in front of all fields not recognised by the IDR (Recognition column).

Automatic handling (processing) 

Het verwerken en automatisch afhandelen van de documenten gebeurt aan de hand van de verkregen resultaten uit de classificatie en indexeringsfase van het IDR proces en Maximale herkenning (indien geactiveerd). 

Below Notes the reasons are stated why a document cannot be processed automatically. A few examples are:

  • Invoices with an invoice amount above the 100.000 euro (and the document is no UBL).
    These invoices will always be offered to the back office for checking.
  • The last 18 months no document is processed for the same administration/supplier/document type.
  • The document is a duplicate.
  • The document is part of a bundle.
  • The supplier/customer is blocked manually for automatic processing 
  • Etc.


After processing a document a decision can be made based on previous data whether or not the document is correctly processed automatically. In addition, a (quick) manual validation is carried out by an user with the 'Back office' role.

'XML' tab

This tab displays the results of the IDR. These results can also be displayed in XML or downloaded by clicking the XML or Download button, respectively.

'OCR' tab

Here you can see the results of the OCR.

OCR match rules

To improve recognition, users with the 'Back Office' role can create OCR match rules.

'Enrichment' tab

This tab displays the results of enrichment by Maximum Recognition. These results can also be displayed in XML by clicking the XML button.

'Log' tab

This is where a log is kept of all the steps taken to classify and index a document.