Back office document and communication screen

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On the right-hand side of the back office processing screen you will find the document & communication section. Here you will find valuable information for automating documents, you can assign statuses to the document and you can see the communication associated with the document. 


The 'Document' section can be found at the top right of your screen.

  • Question for user: The document will be linked to the question you ask a user.
  • Open VAT calculator: Quickly calculate the VAT amount based on an amount (incl. or ex.) or VAT percentage.

  • IDR details: Details of the IDR processing such as status, classification and match rules, indexing and automatic handling.
  • OCR details: The OCR text of the document is displayed. Based on this text, OCR match rules can be created.
  • OCR match rules: To improve document recognition, users with the 'Back office' role can create local OCR match rules.
  • Xml-data: Data of a UBL/XML invoice.
  • User view
  • Back office activity: History of user activity in this document
  • Back office status: There are four different statuses of the document:
    • Open
    • Data-entry completed
    • In process
    • Completed.


If there are ambiguities, questions arise or scans are unreadable, this can be indicated directly with the document. You can use the buttons: 

  • Cannot be processed: The drop-down menu can be used to indicate why a document or file cannot be processed in the administration:

  • Incomplete
  • Scan unreadable
  • Incorrect file format
  • Bundled documents
  • Incorrect data
  • Duplicate
  • Other reason
  • Spam (only available when document is submitted by email).

    The user will see this under Needs attention in the PO Box and can then submit a better document that can be processed.

  • Post a question: The question you ask here is directed to the user. The question will be linked to the document so that you always know what the communication is about.

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