All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

Enter document

When processing a document you will end up in the back office processing screen. Part of this screen is 'the input screen'.

Each document consists of a number of different sections (depending on the document type) in which the document data must be entered. Below is an image of the input screen of the purchase invoice type. The input screen of the expense claim type will look quite different. Which data should be entered per document type is described in detail in other articles.

Once you have entered the data and added any notes, you can process and complete the document. You can do this by clicking on the Complete button at the top left of your screen or above the 'Other' section. As soon as you have completed the document via one of these buttons, the next document in the workflow will be opened automatically.

If you want to save the input but want to leave the document open on your screen, click on the Save changed data button at the top left of your screen (no checking of input) or set the status of the document via the 'Back office status' in the 'Document' section on the right in the back office processing screen to 'Completed' (checking of input).

Change document

When you open an already processed document, depending on the document type, you will see the following buttons at the top left of your screen:

  1. Open the document so you can change or add data.
  2. Delete the document. The following message will appear on your screen:

  3. Store this document in another folder
  4. Go to the previous or next document
  5. Link this document to a transaction (if applicable)
  6. Invoice actions
  7. Reprocess financial entries
  8. Display of posting lines and, if applicable, invoice lines 
  9. Document type.

'Other' section

Depending on the document type, after saving the document, you will now see the following data in this section:

  • ID: Internal number.
  • Created: Date and time of document upload and name of user who uploaded document.
  • VAT return: VAT return that includes the document, if applicable, based on the document date.
  • File: In the input screen, you can replace the file with another file by clicking on the 'Choose file' button.
  • Folder: N/A.
  • Modified: Date and time the document was modified after upload, name of user who modified the document.

'Workflow' section

Coloured blocks show the workflow (user name, date and time) of the document:

  • Upload, Email attachment or Yuki Assistant (yellow block)
  • External enrichment requested (yellow block)
  • (if applicable) In process
  • External enrichment completed (green block)
  • Completed (green block)
  • Matched (pink block).


The 'External enrichment requested' and 'External enrichment completed' blocks are displayed only when Maximum recognition is activated in the portal by a user with the 'Portal administrator' role.