On the top shelf(s) in the Archive, it is only possible to move all documents in a folder to another folder.

On the bottom shelf(s) in the Archive, you have the option to add an additional folder as well as rename, delete or move all documents in a folder to a tab in another folder at once.

Only a user with the 'Management' role can add, rename, move or delete an additional folder in the Archive.

Hover your mouse over the Archive icon on the navigation bar and click the 'unnamed' folder on the bottom shelf:

The following screen is opened:

In the Description field, enter the name of the folder, add Comments about the folder if necessary, and create one or more tabs in the folder by entering the name of the new tabs under Tabs.

Then click the Save button.

The new folder is added to the bottom shelf of the Archive and a new 'unnamed' folder is automatically created.

For a detailed description of how to add, move or delete an folder or tab, see article Add, move or delete a folder or tab.