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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

All bank transactions uploaded to Yuki end up in the 'Bank transactions to be processed' workflow. There can be three situations for the processing of bank transactions

  • IDR has recognised the bank transaction and suggests a match with a payment
  • IDR has recognised the bank transaction but cannot suggests a direct match with a payment
  • IDR did not recognise the bank transaction, so the transaction must be processed manually.

This article describes the third situation.

We can expect that every company also generates revenue. In Yuki, we generally record revenue from a sales invoice. All sales invoices must also be paid.

The Payment from customer action is used to post the payment directly from the bank transaction to the relevant debtor.

Only a user with the 'Back office' role in a domain can process bank transactions in the 'Bank transactions to be processed' workflow.

To start processing bank transactions, open the domain. The Back office workflow screen always opens by default. In this screen, click on the Bank tile to open the Bank transactions to be processed workflow.

In the now-opened screen, click on the > in front of a bank transaction line. The following screen may appear:

Yuki didn't recognise the correct debtor. You have to enter this manually yourself. Click on the Actions button, and then click on Payment form customer. You will now see the following screen:

When entering a relation you have to be extra careful with a debtor. The name and address details of a debtor are only stored locally in Yuki. The advice is therefore not to enter the name of the debtor in this screen, but to use the Search button. Click on this button and you will see the following screen:

You will search for the debtor by name and enter the name 'Peter' in the search field. Then click on the Search button and select the correct debtor 'Peter'. Click on the Save button. You will now see the following screen:

As you can see, only one sales invoice has been submitted while two sales invoices are being paid. After matching the credit with the correct sales invoice, an amount remains to be matched (outstanding debtors).

Click on the Completed button which will show the next transaction in the workflow.

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