Accounting - ProcessJournal(sessionID, administrationID, xmlDoc)

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Yuki Web service - General journal entries

This web service enables you to import certain general journal entries. This is very useful for regular entries like for example payroll journal entries, depreciations and sales journal entries.

In order to simplify the development process you will find two links to example applications with which you can call this web services method at the bottom of this article.


Gather the general journal entries in a XML document and offer this file to our web service.  The web service validates the XML document with the XML scheme (XSD). If the XML document doesn't pass through the validation the process will be cancelled and the web service will respond with a detailed validation notification.

Call the web service method with the relevant XML message

Validation and processing

  • The sum of all lines must be 0,00. If this is not the case the file will be rejected.
  • The date of all the different transaction lines may differ, however the balance of all transactions on the same date must be 0,00. If that is not the case then the entire file will be rejected.
  • It is possible to enter a contact per entry. You can enter the full name and/or contact code. When searching for the contact the contact code (if filled in) is leading, otherwise there will be searched for an exact match with the name. If the contact cannot be found a new one will be created.

Status response

At the end of processing the web service will return the ID of the general journal document just generated in the form of a GUID string. If the general journal document could not be created the web service wil return an error message in the form of a  SOAPExceptie.

For a functional description of the fields in the general journal entries XML see article Accounting - Functional description of fields general journal entries XML

ProcessJournal(sessionID, administrationID, xmlDoc)

Creates a general journal document based on the provided XML.



Returns a session ID that is obtained from the Authenticate(accessKey) method.


The identifier of the administration. For a description where to find the administrationID see article Administration ID.


The XML with the general journal entry document.

Web address of the XML scheme of the general journal document


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