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This article describes the functional development in the software of a number of fields in the general journal entries XML. These must be supplied with the web service Accounting - ProcessJournal(sessionID, administrationID, xmlDoc) method.


It is recommended to examine the XML scheme below, this information is most complete and described in English.  

Web address of the XML scheme of the general journal entries


<Journal xmlns="urn:xmlns:" xmlns:xsi="">

        <AdministrationID>REPLACE WITH ADMINISTRATIONID</AdministrationID>


        <DocumentSubject>Trx import april</DocumentSubject>



                <ContactName>Apple Sales International</ContactName>





                <Description>Inkopen hardware</Description>



                <ContactName>Apple Sales International</ContactName>





                <Description>Retour hardware</Description>


Description of fields

Below you will find a description of the fields. The XML scheme itself also contains a description of the fields and which values and data types are expected in them. 

Journal: AdministrationID / AdministrationCoCNumber

In domains with several administrations it is required to complete one of those two fields. In this way you indicate in which administration you want to create the general journal entries.


Give 'AdministrationID' or 'AdministrationCoCNumber'. If you give both you will get the Error: The element 'Journal' has invalid child element 'AdministrationID'.

Journal: DocumentSubject

The subject of the file created.

Journal: JournalType

This field indicates the type of the general journal entries. Possible values are 'GeneralJournal' for an normal general journal entry, 'EndOfYearCorrection' for an year-end correction and 'FiscalCorrection' for a fiscal correction. The entry dates of the year-end corrections and fiscal corrections must be on the last day of the financial year.

Journal: ProjectID 

ID of the project to which you want to link a document. If this parameter is given then the 'ProjectCode' parameter is  redundant. The Yuki Projects module must have been activated in the contract.

Journal: ProjectCode

The code of the project to which you to link the document. This parameter is only used when the 'ProjectID' parameter is not given. De Yuki Projects module has to have been activated in the contract.

JournalEntry: ContactCode / ContactName

If the relatiecode is given then there will be searched for an existing contact with this contact code. If you don't give a relatiecode then there will be searched for an existing contact with the same name. If no contact can be found then a new one will be created.

JournalEntry: EntryDate

The entry date.

JournalEntry: GLAccount

The code of the GL account. A list of all available GL accounts and the corresponding codes can be found in the chart of accounts in your domain in Yuki.

JournalEntry: Amount

The amount of the entry in EURO. Give a negative amount for credit entries and a positive amount for debit entries.

JournalEntry: Description

The description of the entry. Descriptions longer than 256 characters will be shortened.

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