Yuki release mei 2020

Gewijzigd op Wed, 28 Jul 2021 om 11:54 AM

Software release

  • In Yuki aangemaakte en verwerkte verkoopfactuur opnieuw per e-mail versturen

Een door Yuki aangemaakte en verstuurde verkoopfactuur kan desgewenst opnieuw per e-mail worden verstuurd. Hiervoor kan vanuit de desbetreffende geopende verkoopfactuur de knop 'E-mail opnieuw versturen' worden gebruikt waarna vervolgens een ander e-mailadres van de ontvanger kan worden ingevoerd. Het e-mailadres dat in Yuki is vastgelegd bij de relatie (ontvanger) wordt hierdoor niet gewijzigd. 

  • Extra controle op KvK-nummer bij Nmbrs® koppeling

Wanneer de naam van het domein in Yuki niet hetzelfde is als de Debtor naam in Nmbrs moet het KvK-nummer van een bedrijf dat is ingevoerd in Nmbrs® overeenkomen met het KvK-nummer zoals dat is ingevoerd in het administratieprofiel in Yuki. Wanneer dit nummer niet overeenkomt kan er geen koppeling worden gemaakt.

Opgeloste bugs

  • AD-B-13407, 167452 Imported mails will now be saved to DocumentUploadatches so they are visible in History of the PO Box
  • AD-B-13476, 167452 Email body was not correctly displayed as a note in the BO-screen in some cases. This has been resolved.
  • AD-B-13744, 169274 Place mails send to my or mij .[domainname]@yukiworks.nl in the 'To be filed by me' folder of the archive
  • AD-B-12739 Users were allowed to freeze their administration while a VAT return was send but not yet confirmed by the tax authorities. As a result Yuki was not able to create transactions after the confirmation of the tax authorities. We solved this problem by not allowing the administration to be blocked/frozen in the date-range of a VAT return in the sending state.
  • AD-B-12774, 162352 Show available taxcodes when directly booking a banktransaction on a revenue account.
  • AD-B-12777, 162935 When a project has been selected when processing documents we now assign that project to all transactions related to the document.
  • AD-B-13409, 168098 In the portal desktop we now show just the count of concept VAT returns of active domains, so we exclude the VAT returns of inactive and archived domains.
  • AD-B-13745, 169041 The popup screens in theVAT return page of the Netherlands were not working when the user had his language set to English. This has now been fixed so that the all pop-ups are now working again.
  • AD-B-13890 The following improvements have been made to the dutch GL account scheme:
    • All ledger accounts without a subtype and that are used in more than 3% of the domains in 2019 are now by default enabled. This ensures that the most common ledger accounts are activated for our partners when they create a new domain.
    • Ledger account 89050, Operating subsidies and compensatory amounts, has been made a dynamic ledger account with a range of 10. This enables our partners to make more detailed reports on covid-19 subsidies that entrepreneurs receive.

  • AD-B-7451 In a quotation the country is shown in ISO and due date is missing
  • AD-B-12952 Adding a sales item to a price list shows the same item multiple times.
  • AD-B-13266 Dropdown in Revenue list has disappeared and search bar is not working
  • AD-B-13357 Fix datalist controller query to show totals in sales revenue pages
  • AD-B-13492 Issue with conversion of payment method
  • AD-B-10651, 139469 Remove the accountant portal itself from the employee list.
  • AD-B-12322, 150034, 12 Inconsistency check #47 didn't take into account the dynamic end date of an ISO8601 yearto validate if the end-of-year corrections are booked on the correct date since the start date of the administration
  • AD-B-12323, 159367 XAF export, change theXML tag<vatAmount>to<vatAmnt>and debit/creditlogic or<vatAmntTP>

  • AD-B-12500, 162157 Remove entry numbers that were created with an invalid start number

  • AD-B-13011 Endpoint for the date-range picker was not working

  • AD-B-13016 The contactlist used in theBO entry screens used to create a high load on the yukicentral DB this has been reduced by improving the query. The performance ofthe new solution is in the range of 50x times better.

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