Yuki release maart 2020

Gewijzigd op Wed, 28 Jul 2021 om 11:53 AM

Software release

  • Prijslijsten in vernieuwde Verkoop module verplaatst en verbeterd 

De prijslijsten in de vernieuwde Verkoop module staan nu niet meer bij de Verkoopinstellingen in je domein maar zijn verplaatst naar de Verkoop module. 

  • Het overzicht Verkoopartikelen toont nu alle artikelen die zijn aangemaakt in het domein
  • Het overzicht Prijslijsten toont de standaard prijslijst(en) en alle extra prijslijsten die zijn aangemaakt in het domein.

Daarnaast kan je nu gebruik maken van de volgende functionaliteit:

  • Bekijken van alle klanten waarvoor een specifieke prijslijst wordt gehanteerd 
  • Prijslijstgegevens (zoals naam, inclusief of exclusief btw, etc.) wijzigen of prijslijst verwijderen
  • Artikelen in prijslijst filteren op prijsstatus 'Actief' of 'Inactief'
  • Prijslijst van een bepaalde datum in het verleden of in de toekomst bekijken
  • De importfunctie om in een prijslijst nieuwe artikelen te importeren of de gegevens van bestaande artikelen in één keer (in bulk) te updaten. 
  • De exportfunctie om vanuit een prijslijst verkoopartikelen (als een CSV bestand) te exporteren. De artikelgegevens kunnen desgewenst worden gewijzigd en vervolgens in een andere prijslijst in het domein weer worden geïmporteerd. 
  • Prijzen (inclusief btw-codes en/of geldigheidsdatum) van een aantal verkoopartikelen in een prijslijst in één keer (in bulk) wijzigen
  • Prijzen (inclusief btw-codes en/of geldigheidsdatum) van een verkoopartikel via Prijsbeheer in één keer bijwerken.

  • Nieuwe Dossiers webservice beschikbaar

Met deze webservice kan je nieuwe dossiers aanmaken en bestaande dossiers in het domein aanpassen. 

Opgeloste bugs

  • AD11830 Invoicespreading for UBL sales invoices applied default values when spreading wasnt available. As a result the user saw a spreading period of 0 periods. This has been resolved. 
  • AD12154 There was a wrong RGS mapping for glaccounts 40130, 40150, 44600 and 85600. This has been resolved.

  • AD12035 The list of contacts had problems to handle contacts that have multiple mails adresses. This has been resolved. 

  • AD9699, FD136141 SalesV2 outstanding invoices shows an incorrect amount.

  • AD7940, FD123004 In overview Invoices to remind set column level and reminder by default on.

  • AD11880 Sending bulk reminders gives errors.

  • AD10454 Allow return to the invoice editor from the invoice preview if no email address is filled in.

  • AD11092 Creation of Quotations fails in Edge browser.

  • AD11882 Total row data list is not showing in sales lists.

  • AD11283, FD148901 Fixed: PDF export journals cannot be opened.

  • AD12145 Recurring invoices get wrong payment status/ document status (pending).

  • AD12137 Bulk processing in the sales invoice list caused the content to disappear without error message. 

  • AD11589, FD151510 VAT/ Revenue report now shows the documents under 'not booked on revenue accounts'.

  • AD11628 Make sure that the automatic import settings of NMBRS are correctly applied. This prevents payroll slips to be automatically imported in the job
  • UBL:
    • AD11602 We no longer create a new invoiceline for all transactions in a UBL invoice.
    • AD11576 If there is no TaxInclusiveAmount present in a UBL invoice, we use the PayableAmount as total amount of the invoice.
    • AD11543 If users in the sales module create an invoiceline with a quantity of 0, we will no longer include this invoiceline in the UBL invoice that we create.
    • AD11424, FD153903 UBL purchase invoices without VAT were not automatically booked when there was selected a ‘non zero vat-code’ as document processing rule. Users can solve this problem by not selecting a vat-code in the document processing rule. 
    • AD153880, FD153880 Invoiceline of a UBL invoice were matched with the wrong central processing rule. This was caused by having two contacts with the same name in a portal. The issue has been resolved by merging the two contacts and migrating the processing rules.
  • IDR:
    • AD11352 Some General Ledger Accounts in the Yuki UBLs could not be found, which caused the whole job to fail and left the document on standard. That exception is now catched so that we still use the UBL data;
    • AD11629 Sales invoices can now be reprocessed or resubmitted without creating a new contact in the domain.
    • AD11718 The UBL logo is now seen again in the BOEntry screen when an UBL invoice has been opened.
    • AD11776 The correct value is now used to determine if we also need to query for VATIDNumber.
  • AD9389, FD134364 GLaccount 60999, other purchases, was shown with a minus sign on a GLacount card if the balance was debit. This has been resolved.
  • AD9696, FD135805 In the financial reports we now always show the icons that indicate if the user has chosen to just include transactions of a specific period or if he want to include the transactions untill a period starting from beginning of the year. 
  • AD11287, FD15178 Fixed: Search doesn't work in new navigation when using Edge browser
  • AD7066 Fixed : Search on specific date in the Sales invoicing lists results in a random date range / search by column filter doesn't work
  • AD10998, FD148914 Fixed: no backoffice pop-up in new navigation
  • AD9899, FD139017 Fixed: SalesV2 settings: Payment method for sales credit notes has no effect.
  • AD10996, FD143910 Fixed : It should not be possible to post to or use 09999 Result current year in OpeningBalanceDocument.BoEntry.aspx and historic import
  • AD11417, FD153964 When moving a transaction to a different VAT return with the pencil in the Transaction details, it was possible to split an invoice over multiple VAT returns. Now all transaction lines where a VAT return document applies are moved automatically.
  • AD11289, FD150335 Changing GL balance or booking a GL account to zero on GL accounts with a default credit type resulted in wrong bookings.
  • AD10997, FD149353 Fixed: mac command + f Keyboard shortcuts triggered Yuki search instead of native browser page search.
  • AD11305 Fixed: Price list rows are not having the expected behavior when selected + fixed default price list.

  • AD10452, FD14621 Fixed: Quotations - Version and Lines tab don't show correct content when a processed quotation is opened in Archive.

  • AD9894, FD138372 Fixed: Payment method Private payment in sales invoice doesn't work.

  • AD9068, FD132276 Issues solved where project codes disappeared when importing pettycash statements which were split into multiple transactions (cost/turnover and VAT).

  • AD8150, FD124134 The ‘book balance to zero’ funtionality did not work properly if the view of a GLaccount list was groupped. This has been resolved.

  • AD10440, FD144177 When activating the archive functionality we did not apply the correct date. This has been resolved.

  • AD10650, FD145177 Several improvements in the NMBRS workflow.

  • AD10989, FD149039 Search in the applicationlog in a domain did not allow to search on application name. This has been resolved.

  • AD11029, FD149203 Replaced the ‘@’ symbol on invoice and quotation layout 5 with a ‘www’ symbol.

  • AD11121 When configuring a Central Line Processing Rule in an Accountants Portal you were able to specify a VAT code as output for purchase invoices. This option has been removed since the user should not be able to make this setting for purchase invoices.

  • AD11189 Removed inactive domains from UBL Supplier Invitations overview.

  • AD11250 We now parse the invoiceline item tax when needed in UBL invoices.

  • AD11280, FD152390 If we import a JSON file from Mollie and transaction date is unavailable we now use the document date as transaction date.

  • AD11296 Solved multiple issues with the PDF file zooming in to a GLaccount in the Profit & Loss has been fixed.

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