When processing a purchase invoice with the payment method 'Electronic transfer', it is mandatory by default in Yuki to enter a bank account number if the domain allows use of the payment list.

The payment list is only available in a domain when a user with the 'Management' role has chosen the Small, Medium, Large or Unlimited bundle via the Yuki Store in the domain. 

If desired, the mandatory entry of a bank account number when processing a purchase invoice with payment method 'Electronic transfer' can be disabled.

Only a user with the 'Back office' role in he domain can disable the mandatory entry of a bank account.

All configured settings such as the general financial domain settings, among others, are grouped and categorised in one place in your domain. 

Open the settings of your domain by clicking the Settings icon on the navigation bar and then click General financial domain settings in the screen now opened.

The following screen is opened:

If desired, select Off from the drop-down menu to disable mandatory bank account entry.