You can use the function Export in the Archive if the financial year is closed and you want to save all the documents of that year also on your computer, USB-stick, server or a dvd. By using this function, you can easily export all the documents of a financial year from an administration. 

Users with the 'Back office' role in the domain cannot export documents from the Archive. This is only possible for users with the 'Management' role.

Click the Archive icon on the navigation bar and next click Export.  


In a Basic or Plus domain you click the Submit button and then Export on the left side of your screen.

The following screen is opened:

In this screen you first have to select the correct administration and the right period and then you have to select all the folders that you want to export from the Archive. After you have clicked the Export button the export file wil be created the same night, so within 24 hours. If this file is ready, you will receive an email with a link from Yuki. Through this link you log in in your domain in order to download the file. An archive or part of an archive cannot be downloaded immediately because these are often very large files.


The link is only valid for 14 days!

Of the selected folders a ZIP file is created that contains a directory for each folder. Thus in one file you have all the documents together that for example belong to a specific annual account.

When you have terminated the contract with Yuki then is is advisable to export the documents at least two days before the contract expires. If you export the data on the last day then you cannot log in in your domain anymore through the link in the email. In that case you have to extend your contract with one more month.