All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

It is possible to move the costs or revenue to a previous or a next period. You can perform this action from an opened invoice or the relevant cost or revenue account.

The 'Invoice actions' feature is only available to a user with the 'Back office' role in the domain or the 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role.

An invoice can be edited or changed from different places in Yuki:

  • Click the Invoice actions button in an opened invoice
  • Click the pencil after the invoice line from the GL account.

The following screen is opened:

Click one of the following options:

  • Move costs/revenue to previous year
  • Move costs/revenue to next year
  • Move costs/revenue to previous month
  • Move costs/revenue to next month.

The 'Transaction details' screen will now be opened automatically and the general journal entry of the invoice will be changed.

On the card of the ledger account you can now see that the invoice date is changed, also an icon is now shown after the pencil in order to indicate that an invoice action took place in this invoice.