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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

In a summary, depending on the contact type, you can see the latest status of the purchases, sales and Current Account of a contact. In Yuki, you can view a number of summaries of contacts, which basically show the same overview but with a different contact type. The different contact types are: customers, suppliers, administrations, employees, companies and persons.

Hover your mouse over the Contacts icon in the navigation bar and then click on Contacts

Open the relevant contact card and click on Summary in the now-opened screen. 

Below is an example of the total overview for the 'Supplier' contact type':


If a contact is both a supplier and a customer, the following buttons will appear::

You can use these buttons to switch from the summary of a supplier to that of a customer and vice versa..

Summary sections

The summary of a contact consists of a number of fixed sections:

  • Address details and logo of contact
    Click on the card or logo of the contact to open the contact card of the company, person, employee or the website (if filled in) of the contact, respectively.
  • Last 5 invoices, last 5 payments/receipts and the amount still to be paid/received
    Clicking on the date or name of a purchase or sales invoice or line in CA (pay slip, etc.) opens the document. Click on the amount still to be paid/received to open the Outstanding items creditors/debtors/CA employees.
  • Net purchases/sales per month/year ór leaves of absence/holidays per year
    • Supplier/customer. By moving your mouse over the left or right graph, you can view the net purchases/sales of a specific month or year. In the centre of this section is the total amount of all net purchases/sales for each year.
    • Employee. Click on the date or leave of absence request to open it. By moving your mouse over the graph, you can view the total balance of holidays taken from a specific year. The centre of this section shows the total balance of all holidays taken from each year. Click on a total balance to view the absence of the contact.
  • 5 most recent (HR) documents
    Here are the (HR) documents of this contact with the most recent date. Click the date or name of the document to open and/or change it.
  • 5 most recent appointments and tasks
    Here are the appointments and tasks of this contact with the most recent date. Click on the appointment or task to open and/or change it. 

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