Yuki release februari 2019

Gewijzigd op Wed, 28 Jul 2021 om 10:54 AM

Software release

  • Mollie als online betalingsprovider voor je verkoopfacturen in Yuki (pilot fase)

Het is nu mogelijk om in het Mollie dashboard in Yuki een specifieke Mollie bankrekening in je administratie te koppelen aan je Mollie account.

Opgeloste bugs

  • AD1703, FD68175 VAT base amount was not switched in reversed copy.

  • AD2710, FD73313 VAT Number does not validate while it is correct.

  • AD3174, FD80948 Invalid characters in the XML/UBL attachments sent by Yuki through the mail servers of Flowmailer (the default mail server for Yuki sender addresse).

  • AD3584 Translation of central match rules to local tax codes does not use start/end dates of tax codes.

  • AD3947, FD74107 Identical amount+GL-acccount combinations did not appear in WKR report.

  • AD4020 Mollie invoices aren't matched if you upload the invoice before the bank statement. The Mollie invoice will now always be matched.

  • AD4104 When booking a manual bank statement and choosing the "Expense" transaction type + filling in a VAT amount, Yuki was wrongfully booking the VAT line on a 0% VAT suspense account. This is now solved and will correctly be Advance tax.

  • AD4221 Historic import: error importing files with uppercase extension.

  • AD4225 Portal Basic and Portal Plus users can no longer activate the automatic reminder service. If the service is already active they can only deactivate it.

  • AD4237, FD91486 FiscaalGemak export: User couldn't export GL account "Herinvesteringsreserve"

  • AD4246, FD87135 WKR report total amount calculation contained VAT lines with 0%.

  • AD4281 Fixed Javascript error in VAT popups.

  • AD3065 FD78057 PayPal file created more than one account
  • AD3235 FD80315 ExportArchiveJob: Added debug log traces. Error exporting journals with only PDF summary containing over 2500 transactions

  • AD2861 FD76939 Issue solved with modifying fiscal years when an administration had been blocked up until a certain period. Other issues with making fiscal years longer/shorter have also been solved.

  • AD3821 Solve bankin errors connection

  • AD3807 Fixed bug: Disconnect mollie account button wasn't working

  • AD3231 PayPal import now finds the ‘Origin Account’

  • AD3743 Solve VAT send issue for users without an accountant, the send button did not show for users that take care of the VAT return themselves

  • AD3834 Prevent automatic import of payroll documents in domains that have not yet filled in the contact code in the administration profile.

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