Assign or change back office roles

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The distribution of functions between the back office employees is determined by the roles assigned to them on portal as well as domain level.

After an user (office employee) is created in the portal a user with the 'Portal administrator' role can, if necessary, change the role of the user or assign extra roles.

Back office roles in portal

To change the role of a user or to grant additional roles, click Management in the back office portal and then click Users.  

The following screen is opened:

Click the name of a user and then click the Edit button in the Profile section in the screen now opened.

The following screen is opened::

The following back office roles have been defined for the portal:

Portal administrator

This user has all rights of a portal back office plus:

  • rights to create and assign new domains
  • rights to create a new user
  • rights to change the role(s) of users
  • access to all domains (workflow of all users) to perform back office work
  • has office management tools regarding productivity, quality and activities per domain.

Portal back office

This is the standard role. This user can perform back office work in domains and has the following rights:

  • create new domains
  • access to domains that are not restricted separately
  • access to workflow of those domains
  • access to questions of those domains
  • access to private information regarding productivity and quality.

Portal backoffice controller

If you assign this role to an employee he or she is still able to process and correct documents and transactions in all domains in the portal, even when a financial year/period of an administration has been blocked.

Portal data-entry

This user can perform back office work in domains and has limited rights in a domain. He or she can only perform data-entry work in the domains to which he or she has access. That means this user can process bank transactions and add missing data to documents but can't handle them. After processing the documents they are set to the 'Data-entry completed' status.

Back office roles in domain

To assign a user to a domain, click Management from the Accountant portal and then click Domains.

In the now opened overview of domains, click the name of a domain and then click the Edit button in the Domain section. 

The following screen is opened:

The following persons can be assigned to each Yuki domain:

  • BO responsible: responsible for all administrations in a domain.
  • BO backup: if the BO responsibe is not available.
  • BO controller: checks all the activities in a domain.
  • BO account managerresponsible sales person of the domain (this is an informative field and has no direct function in the workflow). 

For a detailed description of how to assign a user to multiple domains at once see article Assign office employee in bulk to domains.


The BO controller on the domain level is the same person who can, after a financial year/period is blocked in an administration still process and modify data and perform the necessary work as preparation for the annual report. 

All other back office users can no longer record entries in a domain where a financial year/period of an administration has been blocked.

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