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Modified on Mon, 02 Oct 2023 at 12:45 PM

After you have processed a document you can use workflow rules to let Yuki automatically create a task for an user in your domain based on information in that document. In that way you can bring the document to someone's attention or offer it to someone for approval of payment.

The Workflow rules function is only available when a user with the 'Management' role has chosen the Medium, Large or Unlimited bundle via the Yuki store in the domain.

Only a user with the 'Back office' role in the domain or the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can create a workflow rule.

Click on the Archive icon in the navigation bar and then click on Workflow rules. 

The following screen is opened:

Click on the New button in order to create a new workflow rule.

The following screen is opened:


First select on the input side what criteria the document should meet:

  • Document type: at the moment only purchase invoices and expense claims are supported.
  • Contact: this field is not required. If you want to create a task for invoices of a specific supplier or expense claims of an employee ypu have to select that supplier or employee here. Otherwise you can peave this field empty.
  • Compan: this field is not required. If you want to create a task for documents of a specific administration then you have to select the relevant administration here. Otherwise you can leave the field empty.
  • Amount: do you want for example that an invoice up to 10.000 euro is sent to person X and everything above to person Y, then create two workflow rules. The first one would then be from 0 - 10.0000 euro, the second one from 10.000 - (empty field).
  • GL accountthis field is not required. If you want to create a task for invoices that are recorded on a specific GL account then you have to select that GL avvount here. Otherwise you can leave the field empty. For example everything that is recorded on Marketing materials must be approved by person X.
  • Payment method: if you only want to create a task if the invoice still has to be paid via Electronic transfer then select that payment method here.
  • Priority: it may occur that an invoice complies to several workflow rules. In that case the priority will determine which rule should be applied and so which task should be created. So first start with rules of priority 4 or 5 and then create special rules that have a higher priority than the general rules.
    An example: if you always want to approve all invoices with an amount higher than 10.000 euro yourself then you have to create a rule where all the input fields remain empty except the amount field. You will give this rule the highest priority.  


After you have specified the input criteria you only have to define which task you want to create and for whom (the output):

  • Task type: select the task type that has to be created automatically if all of the criteria are met.
  • User: when defining the task type it is specified to whom the task is sent when it is created.

    Did you specify in the task type of step 1 (Approve) that the task type should be created by a manually selected person then you can determine in the workflow rule which person that should be.
    Do you want for example that a task is always sent to the manager of the project that is linked to the document then you have to specify this in the task type.

The user doesn't need to be created as an employee in an administratiion in the domain. He or she must have access to the administration for which the workflow rule is created. 

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