The 'Workflow rules' feature allows you to automatically create a task for an employee in your domain after processing a document based on the information in the document. That way, you can bring the document to someone's attention or submit it to someone for approval for payment.

The 'Workflow rules' feature is only available if a user with the 'Management' role has selected the Medium or Large bundle via the Yuki Store in the domain.

Only a user with the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can create a workflow rule.

It is possible to create more than one workflow rule for an employee. After all, each workflow rule is created based on several purchase invoices or expense claims.

Depending on the task type selected as the output of the workflow rule, the automatically created task must be performed successively by one or more employees:

  • Task: approval, realisation and approval of realisation steps where each step (if indicated by the task type) must be performed successively by a different employee
  • Release for payment: approval and release steps where each step (if indicated in the task type) must be performed successively by a different employee.

Hover your mouse over the Archive icon on the navigation bar, click Workflow rules and then the New button in the screen now opened.

The following screen is opened:

After specifying at Input which criteria the document (purchase invoice or expense claim) should meet, you then define at Output which task type should be created automatically when all criteria are met and to which user(s) this task (with one or more steps) goes successively.

For a detailed description of the fields to be filled in for a workflow rule, see article Create workflow rule.

Only if you have specified for the task type at step 1 (Approval) that the task type should be created by a manually selectable person, then you can specify which person that is here at the workflow rule

For example, if you want a task to always go to the manager of the project linked to the document, you need to specify this in the task type.