In your File cabinet all documents that are submitted to Yuki are stored in clear folders. Each folder is divided in a number of tabs. 

On the top shelf you will find the default folders wherein all documents that still have to be processed and all processed (financial and non-financial) documents are stored that are important for your financial administration in Yuki. On the bottom shelf(s) you will find the folders wherein you can store documents that are private or unimportant for your administration. 

In the Archive an extra folder can only be created by clicking the 'nameless' folder on the bottom shelf(s) of the file cabinet. However in all folders in the Archive you have the possibilty to add extra tabs yourself.


An user with the 'Back office' role in the domain or the 'Management' or 'HRM' role can change the security in the 'Human Resources' folder for a employee or the manager. 

By default an employee can only view his or her own payroll slips, expense claims, HR documents and assessments, the manager cannot view the HR documents of an employee.

The manager of an employee can be entered in the Manager field on the Employee tab of the contact card of the employee.

Click on the Archive icon in the navigation bar and then click on File cabinet

The following screen is opened:

All documents that still have to be processed by the back office are stored in the To be handled ny Yuki folder.

In this screen you can use the following buttons and/or dropdown menus:

  1. Create a new document.
  2. Upload multiple documents at the same time.
  3. Scan.
  4. Show the folders wherein the documents are stored.
  5. List view (details) of documents.
  6. The documents are grouped by document type (only available to user with a 'Back office' role in the domain).
  7. Tag cloud. Right-click to open the context menu:

  8. Search for documents by Creator, Contact, Subject, Tag, Amount or Currency.
  9. Search for documents by a specific name, text, tag, amount or currency.
  10. Select a certain period whereof you want to view all the documents. In the list view you can view the documents of a year, half year, quarter or month.
  11. Archive settings (setting of the default security level of non-financial documents):
    1. Everyone
    2. All users
    3. All employees
    4. Management
    5. Private.
  12. View the folders of a specific administration or of all administrations in the domain.
  13. View the list of invoices with the relevant invoice beside it. This icon is only shown when the list view is selected.