In this overview you can check which transactions over a given period have been charged.

Only an user with the 'Back office' role in the domain or the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role can check the processed transactions overview.

Click the PO Box icon on the navigation bar and then click Processed transactions in the screen now opened.

The following screen is opened:

Here you can check how many and which type of transactions are processed by Yuki in a specified period.

For an user with the 'Management', 'Financial administration' or 'External accountant' role a distinction is also made between processed documents that fall within the maximum number of invoices that can be processed within your bundle and all other processed documents.

For a detailed description of the bundles in Yuki see the folder 'Bundles'.

By means of the period selection you can select all years or a specific year, half year, quarter or month.