This web service enables you to create sales invoices in Yuki based on the provided XML message. This web service runs via SOAP.

There are a number of points that require attention when using the Sales webservice.

For a detailed description see article Focus points of Sales wbeservice.


The Invoicing (old Sales) or the Small, Medium, Large or unlimited bundle must have been chosen by an user with the 'Management' role via the Yuki Store in the domain because the sales invoices in Yuki are generated and processed based on the data from the link.

Web address

You will find the web service, a test application, a description of the fields and the procedures at the web address below:

Sales Methods

ProcessSalesInvoices(sessionID, administrationId, xmlDoc)

The Yuki sales invoices web service creates sales invoices based on the provided XML.

General methods


Returns a session ID based on a valid Web Service access code.

AuthenticateByUserName(userName, password)

Returns a session ID based on an existing Yuki username and password.


Returns all domains that can be approached via the access code used.

SetCurrentDomain(sessionID, domainID)

Set the current domain for the session.


Retrieves the ID of the current domain for the session.