Instructions for establishing a SOAP link with the Yuki API in Visual Studio 2005:

  • Start Visual Studio 2005 and  create a new project of type Windows forms applicatie
  • Right-click the project name in the Solution Explorer and then click Add Service Reference...
  • Enter the URL of the web service and click Go.
  • When the web service is found and the WSDL is loaded then click Add Reference in order to complete the Wizard and return to the project. The 'Solution Explorer' will now contain an new entry: 'Web References', 'nl.yukiworks.api'.
  • Then create a form that contains a button and a textbox in which you can enter the Web service access code (WebserviceAccessKey).
  • Double-click in the form editor in order to automatically generate code for a button click event handler. 
  • You will see that 'Visual Studio' has converted the URL to the namespaces: '', 'nl.yukiworks.api'. The class 'Accounting service' belongs to the 'nl.yukiworks.api' namespace.
  • Always put the code that calls web service methods in a 'try...Catch block.