All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

The Search & replace feature allows you to search through all bank accounts in a domain for transactions (bank statement lines) that meet one or more search criteria. You can then also make changes to the result of the search.

Among other things, you can use this feature to search for multiple incorrectly posted bank transactions and restore them in one go by replacing them.


This feature cannot be used to search and replace incorrectly posted cash transactions.

This feature is only available to a user with a 'Back Office' role in the domain.

Hover your mouse over the Bank icon in the navigation bar, then click on Search & replace.

The following screen is opened:

After entering the criteria, click on the Search button.

By default, only bank transactions with back-office status 'Open' are searched.

Subsequently, in the screen below, you specify how the bank transactions should be replaced in Yuki. You can also indicate whether or not these bank transactions will be completed automatically by Yuki in the future.

You use the Process button to replace the found bank transactions and have them processed directly by Yuki.

You can use the Save as processing rule & process button to save the entered 'Search' criteria and 'Replace' data as a bank processing rule. 

For a detailed description of the 'Search and replace' feature, see article Search & replace (bank transactions).