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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

One component of the Back office workflow is the bundle bin. 

A number of documents that are uploaded (with extension JPG, GIF or PNG, so no PDF) first end up in the bundle bin. These documents must be carefully examined to determine whether they need to be bundled before they can be transferred to the workflow from where they can be processed by the back office.

To start bundling documents, hover your mouse over the Backoffice icon in the navigation bar and then click on Back office workflow. Subsequently, in the now-opened screen, click on the Bundle bin icon.

In the bundle bin, you look for documents that have been uploaded in multiple pages so, for example, a two-page invoice that has been submitted in two separate pages. This is not always easy to see. Pay particular attention to:

  • two pages from the same supplier where one page has no total amount and the other does
  • attachments to an invoice 
  • designations such as 'Page 1/2', '2/2' etc.

In this screen, you can use the following buttons:

  1. Put all (bundled) documents in the workflow for processing.
  2. Store the selected documents in a folder.
  3. Merge the selected documents into a bundle.
  4. Delete the selected documents.
  5. Change screen view: Batches, Document(s) or Pages.
  6. List view (details) of documents.
  7. View the documents as thumbnails (see screenshot above).
  8. Determine the size of the thumbnails in your screen: Standard, Small, Large or Extra Large.
  9. Sort the documents by Date or Name.

Below each document in the bundle bin, you will see the following buttons:

Edit, delete or rotate the document to the left or right.

If you have found two pages that belong together, you can merge them in two ways:

  • by dragging page 2 with your mouse onto page 1. This stows page 2 under page 1 and two documents are bundled into one.
  • by selecting the pages that belong together (tick in the checkbox) and then clicking on the Merge the selected documents into a bundle button.

Bundled documents can be recognised by the symbol at the top left of the bundled document (e.g. '2').

Once bundled documents, you can unlink them again by clicking on the scissors icon below the bundled document.

Once you have carefully examined all documents and merged or deleted them as necessary, you can transfer the documents to the 'Document(s)' workflow by clicking on the Mark all documents as processed button at the top left of the bundle bin.

You will automatically enter the workflow for processing documents.

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