You use a news message in Yuki to bring internal notifications, procedures or other issues to the attention of every user. 

Click the Archive icon on the navigation bar and next click News. 

The following screen is opened:

This overview shows on which date a news message was created in the domain and by whom. Click the > before the relevant news message in order to view the attached document of the news message.

Create news message

  • Click the New document button.
  • Select the way in which you want to create the document:
    • I want to upload a single file from my PC. 
    • I want to merge some files (pages) into one document. 
    • I want to scan a document that consists of one or more pages. 
    • I want to edit the document immediately. 
  • Enter the necessary data and possibly text, determine which users will have access to the news message and mark the document as News.

  • Click the Save button.

In this example a notification of this news message (if the Yuki notification tool is installed) is now shown to all employees in the 'Yuki Training' administration in the  bottom right of their screen.

When the departments are entered when creating the employees you can specify for which department the news message is intended.