If there is (still) no scanned paper document available yet you can also create a document manually and subsequently process it in your administration. 

Click on the Archive icon in the navigation bar and then click on File cabinet. Subsequently, in the now-opened screen, click on the New document button.

In the now-opened screen you are asked in which way you want to create the document.


To create a statement manually, select the option I want to type a document immediately and change, in the now-opened screen, the document type to Bank statement.

Yuki wants to store as many documents as possible so later you are able to find out why a specific entry has been recorded. Here you have four options:

  • Upload a file from your PC (for example a pdf file or Excel sheet)

    After choosing a file click on the Continue button and the document is shown on the right side of your screen.

  • Upload a number of files that belong together (for example two scanned pages in jpg format).

    You click on the Select files button in order to select the files on your computer and then you click on the Start upload button. The documents are shown per page on the right side of your screen.

  • Scan one or more pages of a document.
    The ScanWizard is started. If it is started for the first time the ScanWizard has to be installed first.

    Mac computer (Apple) doesn't support direct scanner control. You cannot use the Scan Wizard because of this.

    In Yuki it is possible to scan by means of the Scan Wizard when you use the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

    For a detailed description of scanning documents see article Scan documents with Scan Wizard.

    Windows Internet Explorer wil not be supported anymore by Yuki from 1 januari 2019. If you use this browser, it is therefore no longer possible to install the Scan Wizard.


    Some scanners have software that also allows you to scan to Dropbox of Google Drive. When you have shared Dropbox or Google Drive with Yuki, you have the same functionality as the Scan Wizard.

    If your scanner has a mail function, you can also use the e-mail address for documents in Yuki to deliver your documents. You can find this e-mail address in 'My domain'.

  • You don't have a document but still want to enter it manually.

    Then you select the correct document type from the list and process the document as usual.