Invoice page layout (footer)

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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

The following invoice layout settings can be entered or changed:

  • General (a.o. hour specification and attachment)
  • Invoice columns
  • Page layout (footer)
  • Paper settings
  • Address margin (address positioning)
  • Theme
  • Subject and text of mail (Email template).

All configured settings such as the settings of the invoice layouts, among others, are grouped and categorised in one place in your domain.   

Open the settings of your domain by clicking on the Settings icon in the navigation bar. Subsequently, in the now-opened screen click on Sales settings and then scroll to Invoice layouts.

To change an existing invoice layout, click on the line of the corresponding invoice layout.

To create a new invoice layout, click on the + New layout button.

We distinguish three sections on the invoice:

The invoice block

This consists of three parts:

  • the invoice header (customer details, invoice number, etc.)
  • the invoice lines (with the columns)
  • the invoice totals (with VAT totals and amount to be paid).

Click on the button at the bottom left of your screen. The following screen is opened:

Here you can enter text that will be printed directly below the invoice block, for example: "Please pay the total amount to account 12345678".


To add a line space (blank line) in the footer, use the html code <br>.

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