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All screenshots in the article were taken in the Dutch version of Yuki.

Yuki constantly monitors whether certain parts of the administration(s) in a domain are complete and correctly processed. The score of these checks is displayed in the quality monitor.

Only a user with a 'Back Office' role in the domain can view the quality monitor.

To view the purchase quality control score, hover your mouse over the Back office icon in the navigation bar and then click on Quality Monitor. In the now-opened screen, click on Assets.


The control of assets consists of the following:

  • Are unapproved new assets present?
  • Are assets depreciated each month?
  • Are the asset group settings complete?

Click on one of the headings in a section to see its score in detail. 

After ensuring that the necessary additions and/or corrections have been made, you can then update the quality monitor score by clicking on the Refresh button. Below the score, the date and time when it was last refreshed will now be displayed.

Unapproved new assets

Before you start depreciating assets, a check is made to see if there are any new assets in the administration that have not yet been assessed. The review means that the new asset has been correctly recorded and the correct settings for its depreciation have been entered.


Go through the above list of new unapproved assets. Check whether the new asset has been recorded correctly and then record depreciations for a certain period, which automatically approves (i.e. assesses) the new asset.

Depreciation of assets

To present up-to-date reports to users, assets must also be depreciated monthly. This check counts the number of months in which depreciations should have occurred up to the last month.


Open an asset account in the list above to record the missing depreciations. If you want to depreciate all asset accounts at once for a certain (selected) period, hover your mouse over the Financials icon in the navigation bar and then click on Assets. In the now-opened asset statement, select the period and then click on the Create journal entries button.

Incomplete asset group settings

In the administration, each asset (general ledger account) must be linked to a group consisting of a balance sheet depreciation account, the profit and loss account for depreciation and the account on which any sale of an asset is recorded. A check is made for any asset accounts whose group settings are not complete.


Go through the list above and open an asset account to link the missing general ledger account(s).

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