administrationName (required)

The full name of the new administration. 


The name of the desired Yuki domain. This can be left blank (recommended), in that case an unique domain name wil be generated based on the administration name. 


The default language in the domain. This can be 'nl' (Dutch, the default language if this is left empty), 'en' (English) or 'fr' (French). 

This function returns XML, with information about the created domain and administrationas shown below: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


        <Domain ID="650f5fb5-cca7-4b97-9918-3dffea55f2af">




                        <Administration ID="36139716-4e7d-4df4-aa1e-fc07980ab893">

                                <Name>Test domain</Name>