Software release

  • In Dashboard Verkoop worden de achterstallige facturen getoond i.p.v. de geblokkeerde facturen

In het dashboard Verkoop is de tegel 'Geblokkeerde facturen' vervangen door de tegel 'Achterstallige facturen'.

Opgeloste bugs

  • Link assets to other document types
  • Rabobank: read out ValueDate instead of BookDate
  • Sales Invoices Activity log - Subject for Reminders not showing correctly
    In the invoice Activity log, the subject of the invoice reminders sent was not shown correctly. This issue has now been resolved.
  • When sales document is unlinked from asset, the invoice is moved to bin
    When unlink a sales document to an asset, the sales invoices will not moved to bin anymore.
  • 93951 Import of this Mollie importfile throws an error
    Fixed import of Mollie JSON files, when some properties related to the customer are available
  • 61273 Using pencil icon "Change GL account" unwillingly deletes cash transaction and creates inconsistency 10
    Changing Gl account for petty cash transactions with type: "Cash Sales", "Cash Expense", "Other"; no longer unwillingly deletes the transaction and creates inconsistency 10.
  • 103256 Create depreciations overview page (assets)
    Solved issue that caused create depreciation button to be available when it wasn't possible to create entries. Reworked logic with the create depreciation entries button, so it will now only appear when possible and will inform the user with a tooltip when and why it is disabled.
  • As a management and/or financial administration user, I need to be able to export the assets CSV successfully.
    As a management and/or financial administration user, the user can now export the assets CSV.
  • 92333 Sales webservice with Base64 pdf is not checking duplicate reference
    Using the sales webservice, including the fields 'DocumentFileName' and 'DocumentBase64' would incorrectly allow the invoice to be send multiple times with the same reference number. An additional check has been implemented to warn the user that a reference already exists.