Yuki web service - Projects

This web service was developed from the demand to directly create projects in Yuki from external ERP systems. This means the entrepreneur doesn't have to manually create a project in two places anymore and thus saves time because the projects are now created automatically in Yuki from the ERP system.  


First check whether an user with the 'Management' role has chosen the Medium, Large or Unlimited bundle via the Yuki Store in this domain. If this is not the case, the web service will return an error message.

The AccountingInfo web service can be used to first retrieve projects that already exist. This web service has a GetProjects function that returns all projects of a domain.



Functional description

Example of XML scheme


                <Description>Test dossier 1</Description>













Description of fields

All fields correspond with the available fields in a prpject that will created newly.

Project Description

Here you give the description/name of your project. The Description is the most important tag because all other fields can be updated via this identifier after the creation of a project. The Description field must be unique per project. This field is case sensitive. 

Project: Code

This includes the code with which documents can be linked to the project. The OCR recognition reads this code in PDF documents or the code can be given in the subject of the email starting with a hashtag.

The code must have a minimum length of 6 characters when the value of AllowOCRMatching is True.

Project: Company

Here you can enter the administrationID of your administration if your domain has multiple administrations.

Project: Manager

Here you can assign a specific administrator to the project. An administrator is an user in the domain. Use the email address of this user in the XML. If no administrator is assigned this will be 'Yuki' by default.

Project: Contact

The Contact fields refers to a specific contact (supplier or customer). You can add a contact by giving the comtact ID. You can retrieve these IDs via the SearchContacts call.

Project: Notes

Here you can add additional notes.

Project: SecurityLevel

You can secure project by determining the access. There are four security levels:

CodeExtra info
All users
1All users have access.
All employees
2Only the users that also have been created as employees have access.
Management3Only an user with the 'Management' role has access.
Administrator + members4Only the administrator (Project: Manager) has access and possible other members. The members have to be selected manually in Yuki.

If no Securitylevel is given while creating a project this will be "All employees" by default.


If you set the value of this field on '0' then documents will not be assigned automatically via the OCR recognition. The value '1'  ensures that the documents will be assigned automatically to the project. By default '0' will be given when you leave this empty. 

Project: StartDate

Start date of the project. Documents with an invoice date before this start date will not be assigned automatically to this project.

Project: EndDate

End date of the project. Documents with an invoice date after this end date will not be assigned automatically to this project.

Project: BudgetRevenue

Estimated revenue of this project.

Project: BudgetCosts

Estimated costs for this project.

Possible error messages

SOAP error messageCause
No valid company was found for this ID
No valid AdministrationID as Company was given.
No valid user was found for this login
The login in the Manager field doesn't correspond with an existing user of the domain.
The given contact ID is not a valid GUID
An ID given in the Contact field is not a valid GUID.
No valid contact can be found for this ID
No existing contact can be matched wiht the given Contact ID.
Code needs to be longer than 6 characters if AllowOCRMatching is true
If AllowOCRMatching gets the value 1 then the project Code must have a minimum length of 7 characters.
The domain is not licensed for this functionality
The Medium, Large or Unlimited bundle has not been chosen in this domain.