Yuki Web service - SearchContacts

This web service enables you to show contacts form a domain that meet the search criteria.



Returns a session ID that is obtained from the Authenticate(accessKey) method.

The identifier of the administration. For a description where you can find the domainID see article

Common - Domains(sessionID).


(searchoption value - explanation)

  • All - search in all the fields below for the entered searchValue
  • Name - name
  • City - city
  • Postcode - postal code
  • Tag
  • Email
  • Website
  • Phone - phone number
  • Code - contact code
  • CoCNumber - Chamber of Commerce number
  • VATNumber - VAT number
  • BankAccount - bank account.

searchValue (searchvalue)

The searchvalue searched for in one of the search options above.

sortOrder (sorting of results):

(sortOrder value - explanation)

  • Name - full contact name (first name + middle name + last name)
  • LastName - last name 
  • CreatedAsc - sorted in ascending order by creation date
  • CreatedDesc - sorted in descending order by creation date
  • ModifiedAsc - sorted in ascending order by the last modification date
  • ModifiedDesc - sorted in descending order by the last modification date
  • HID - sorted by the unique human ID.

modifiedAfter (modifiied after)
Filter whereby only the contacts from after the modification date are included in the search result.

active (active):
(active value - explanation)

  • Both - Include active as well as inactive contacts in the result
  • Active - Include only active contacts in the result
  • Inactive - Include only inactive contacts in the result.

With a result of 100 contacts there is a possibility that there are even more pages with results available.
Just invoke the next pageNumber until there are no results present anymore.