In Yuki you can view an overview of all local processing rules (default values) that are created on document level and/or line level for contacts in one or more administrations.

This overview is only available to a user with the 'Back office' role in the domain.

Hover your mouse over the Contacts icon on the navigation bar and then click Default values

The following screen is opened:

Click the Default value button in order to create a new default value (processing rule) for a document. Click the UBL-line button in order to create a processing rule on line level (split UBL invoice in a number of invoice lines).  

You can filter the processing rules shown by:

  • Purchase invoice
  • Sales invoice
  • Yuki sales invoice.

In the Search box you can search for a default value by Contact.

You can always change, delete or copy a default value by clicking > in front of the default value.